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Triflow TFE-500 Genuine & Original Manufacturers Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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The Triflow TFE500/TRX02 is a push fit filter cartridge for the Triflow system; it has been designed to accommodate the requirements of the majority of water quality conditions that are likely to be encountered.
Enjoy fresh, great tasting drinking water with our advanced Swiss-made filter, exclusively manufactured for Triflow by Katadyn.

 The 4 stage ceramic push fit filter cartridge is extensively tested to ensure optimum performance:
- It is manufactured from survival grade materials
- Removes 99.99% of bacterial pathogens
- Improves taste and odour

The Triflow®TFE500 Filter Cartridge has the capability to remove or significantly reduce:

- Pathogenic bacteria
- Cysts
- Turbidity
- Chlorine
- Organics
- Heavy metals (including lead)
- Taste
- Odours and bad tastes
- Colour
- Iodine (including Iodine-131*)

It leaves the essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, unaffected.