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Triflow MK. 2 - Push Fit Fittings

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These are replacement John Guest push fit fittings as fitted from new on the MK2 White Plastic Housing by the manufacturers - Triflow Concepts®

This is a 2 pack set - comprising of :-

1 x 3/8" push fit fitting for the inlet.
1 x 1/4" push fit fitting for the outlet


The fitting instructions are as follows:-

•   Turn off the supply of water to the Housing at the Blue handled Isolation valve.

•   Turn on the filter tap to reduce the pressure in the housing.

•   Cut the BLUE pipe and the GREEN pipe next to the old fitting, (this gives a new end to the pipe work).

•   Change and replace one fitting at a time, so they don't get fitted to the wrong inlet/outlet.

•   Undo the old fitting anti-clockwise and re-fit the new fitting clockwise - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

•   Repeat this procedure on the other fitting.

•   Push the relevant pipes into the fittings, MAKING SURE THEY ARE PUSHED FULLY IN.

•   Turn on water at the Blue handled Isolation valve, leaving the filter tap ON to avoid pressure build up.

•   When water starts to flow through the filter tap, turn it off.

•   Check for leaks.

•   Try to keep the inlet and outlet pipes entering into the housing horizontal.