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Total Purity Reverse Osmosis System with Heavy Duty Tap

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Total Purity Reverse Osmosis System with Heavy Duty Ceramic Valve Faucet Tap

The Total Purity RO is a premium 4 stage reverse osmosis system which has a dirt / sediment pre-filter, a carbon pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane and a post-polishing filter that can deal with up to 50 US gallons per day.

The unit also has a 9 litre storage tank; when you draw water from the system a final post filter comes into action to polish off any residual taste/odour in the water as it leaves the tank.

This system comes with a full installation kit which includes a saddle valve, tubing, module, tank and heavy duty ceramic valve faucet tap - everything you need for an easy DIY installation.

If you have any questions regarding reverse osmosis or any system you are interested in please feel free to call our experienced sales team on 01704 531556.

An alternative to buying in bottled water and helping with the environmental fight against plastic pollution. The system also helps reduce any microplastics in your drinking water.

Unlike some systems on the market the Total Purity is a long standing product that has proven to be a very reliable R.O system over the years.

Typical Percentage Reductions Of Minerals

Aluminium  96-98%                 Fluoride 92-97%                         Silica 80-90%

Ammonium 80-90%                 Hardness 93-97%                       Silicate 92-95%

Bacteria 99.8%+                     Iron 96-98%                              Silver 93-96%

Boron 50-70%                          Lead 95-98%                             Sodium 92-98%

Cadmium 93-97%                    Magnesium 93-98%                   Sulphate 96-98%

Calcium 93-98                         Manganese 96-98%                   Thiosulphate 96-98%

Chlorine 99%+                         Mercury 94-98%                        Zinc 96-98%

Chloride 92-95%                      Nickel 96-98%

Chromate 85-95%                    Nitrate 80-95%

Copper 96-98%                        Phosphate 95-98%

Cyanide 85-95%                       Potassium 92-96%

Removes Up to 98% rejection of all contaminants
Removes 99%+ bacteria
Removes scale and hardness
Simple & quick filter changes
Inexpensive to run-less than 2p per litre!

Filters should be changed 6 monthly.

Minimum mains water pressure required is 2.9 bar.

We would recommend a plumber or someone with good DIY skills to install any reverse osmosis system.

Instructions, a system schematic and an easy to use troubleshooting guide are all available for this product.


Filter module dimensions:
Height: 41cm
Width: 34cm
Diameter: 14cm

Reservoir dimensions:
Height: 42 cm
Diameter: 28cm