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Insinkerator F701R Hot Water Tap Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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Insinkerator Replacement Water Filter
Insinkerator provide a wide range of products, however, one of their greatest products is the instant hot water dispenser, providing water at 98ºC straight from your taps, ready to drink, cook with, or whatever else you would usually use boiling water for. Instant hot water eliminates the need for boiling a kettle or pre-boiling water in a pot or a saucepan.

However, it is still just tap water and to be rid of all of the impurities commonly found in tap water, there is a special filter designed to work specifically with the InSinkErator Steaming Hot Water Tap system. The filters significantly lower the amounts of soluble impurities such as chlorine as well as removing scale and solid particles. The result is soft, clean, great tasting drinks and healthier water.