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Insinkerator Hot Water Tap Replacement Boiler with F701R Filter

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InSinkErator Boiler Includes Replacement Filter

This the latest Insinkerator Replacement Water Filter Boiler - Including a Genuine replacement Filter with the latest built in technology and is a vast improvement on the previous black models 

This product is a direct replacement for the existing Old Type (Black version) InSinkErator boiler, it will replace InSinkErator boilers of all ages, it is literally a one out and one in installation and could be described as a DIY job without the need to employ a Plumber.

We are asked many times “what are the causes of the boilers breaking down” the answers are varied, we do not have an official answer to this question from ISE themselves but we can offer some advice on prolonging the life of your NEW Boiler.


•  If you’re in a very hard or medium hard water area, Limescale build up may be a contributing factor to the life of your boiler - you can check the hardness of your water in your area on the UK Water Hardness Map - see below.

        •  The standard filter supplied with the InSinkErator Tap and Boiler system does address the problem of Limescale to a degree, but for really hard water areas it may not be enough, for this reason to prolong the life of your Hot Tap Boiler we offer an additional filter from 3M - the 3M Scalegard Pro, this Filter was designed to reduce limescale build up in very expensive commercial coffee machines, but will also effectively do the same job for the Insinkerator Hot Water Tap Boiler.

•  This additional pre-filter should be fitted before the InSinkErator filter, by doing so will NOT affect the InSinkErator guarantee.

•  If you're unsure which Scalegard Pro to purchase, let us work it out for you, we will need to know an approximate volume of water used through your Insinkerator system, both hot and cold, if you could tell us in litres it would be helpful, this doesn't have to be too accurate it is just an estimation.

•  We would also need to know how hard your water is, the best way to find this out is to go on your water provider's website and type in your postcode, you may be given figures in different forms, the filter industry generally uses PPM (Parts Per Million) 
Email us on or ring us on 01159 460317

 • If you’re one of the many InSinkErator Hot Water Tap owners who have been using compatible cartridges in your system, please be aware your new boiler carries a two year guarantee, if you have a problem with your boiler within the two years, the engineer could refuse to touch your appliance and deem the guarantee on the boiler as Null and Void as you are not using Insinkerator branded products, there is an answer to this, ring 01159 460317 for more details.