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Inline Filter System - GAC Phosphate Cartridge Only

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Inline Filter System - GAC/Phosphate Filter Cartridge.

This listing is for a 10" x 2.5" x GAC/Phosphate Filter Cartridge (NO Housing - filter cartridge only)

• Fits most standard 10" Housings.

• Replaceable at six month intervals.

• No loss in mains pressure on the cold side of the tap.

• Removes the swiming pool tastes and smell of 
  Chlorine, Musty and metallic tastes, Discolouration
  and Particles of dirt, sand, scale and rust.

• Reduces the build up of Limescale

• Other types of Cartridges available - see below.

The other filters that are available are the 5 micron Carbon Block Cartridge which removes the smell and taste of Chlorine.

The third option is a 0.9 micron rated Ceramic cartridge which also removes the smell and taste of chlorine and Bacteria, the use of this cartridge will reduce the flow of water to the tap and may well prove to be unacceptable, the use of this cartridge may not be necessary if your supply of water is from the mains as the chlorine in the water kills off any bacteria that may be in the system anyway.

If your water is NOT from the mains please ring us for further details on 0115 9460317