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Everpure QL3B Single Filter Cartridge Head

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£40.00 - £40.00
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Everpure QL3B head with 3/8" BSP female ports with shut off valve.

This is a commercial quality filter head designed to fit all Everpure cartridges except the Claris /Claris Ultra and BW/DW range.

It has built-in Everpure water shut off valve enabling quick filter changes. It is also engineered for durability, longevity and strength and will therefore not corrode. We can adapt the head to fit 3/4" hoses if need be or even different size John Guest tubing. Please call us on 0115 9460317 and we can advise how to adapt the head to the size you need.

This head will fit the following Everpure Filters among others:

EV927071- H-300
EV960112- AC
EV960710- ES06
EV960100- 4C
EV960725- ES07
EV961100- 4H
EV961224- I500
EV961227- I2000
EV961237- I4000
EV961255- MC2
EV961326- MH2
EV961705 - 2CB5
EV961716 -4CB5
EV961722 -2CB5-S
EV961726 -4CB5-S
EV961807- OCS2
EV961816- 7CB5
EV961826 7CB5-S

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