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Everpure Claris Ultra 1500 Filter Cartridge

Original price £228.95 - Original price £439.90
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£228.95 - £439.90
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Pack Size: Single

Everpure Claris Ultra 1500 Filter Cartridge - 12,100 Litre Capacity -- Fits all Everpure Claris heads

Claris Ultra Filter cartridge features:

  • First cartridge to effectively combine lime scale and corrosion protection.
  • More capacity / lower costs for hot drinks and ice cube machines.
  • Maintains PH in compliance with the EU drinking water regulation.
  • Inhibits metal migration from machine parts.
  • Safeguarding / enhancing energy efficiency of food service equipment.
  • Sustained coffee roasting quality and optimised use of ingredients.
  • Small foot print and low space requirement per litre.
  • Cartridge family with widest capacity range (one head fits all).

If you are currently on a smaller Claris Ultra filter then gain service length time by increasing to the Larger 1500 Ultra filter.

The new Everpure Claris Ultra is the first filter cartridge in the world to combine mineral reduction and corrosion protection through pH balancing. The result is that the Claris Ultra delivers the very best water quality for hot drinks and ice machines whilst also preventing scale formation and inhibiting corrosion and metal migration within the widest range of water hardness levels.

At the heart of the Claris system is the unique DuoBlend bypass valve contained in the filter head. This valve provides unequaled accuracy for scale and acidity control by enabling precise adjustment of carbonate hardness in the filtered water. The bypass level can be adjusted to best suit the appliance type (coffee / espresso / vending / ice machines etc.) in order to maximise cartridge capacity and also take local water quality into account.

View the Claris Ultra brochure.



Excluding Head - 471mm (h) x 136mm (dia)
Including Head - 521mm (h) x 136mm (dia)


Excluding Head - 18.56" (h) x 5.35" (dia)
Including Head - 20.51" (h) x 3.74" (dia)