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Calibration Solution HM Digital TDS

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  1. After shutting down the equipment (mains supply and storage tank turned off).
  2. Remove the TDS probes from the ‘in-line’ tees.
  3. Remove the screw cap and seal from the calibration solution (HMC342).
  4. Press the POWER button to energise the panel.
  5. Dip the IN probe into the calibration solution and press the IN button on the panel until CAL appears on the screen (usually after 2 seconds).
  6. Press the IN (up) or OUT (down) buttons until the correct TDS reading appears on the screen (in this case 342).
  7. When the TDS reading is correct press the POWER button once. The reading will flash multiple times and then show END.
  8. The calibration of the IN probe is complete.
  9. Repeat stages 1 – 7 for the calibration of the OUT probe.