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3 Series Stainless Steel UV Steriliser - 55 Watt (36 Litres / Minute)

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3 Series Stainless Steel U.V. Steriliser - 55 Watt (36 Litres / Minute) to get rid of bacteria from your water supply

UV sterilisers are a very effective way of making private drinking water supplies safe to drink.

This UK manufactured stainless steel UV system is a very robust system which has been designed to last - it's not unusual for a system built to this standard to last 20 years meaning that although it is slightly more expensive than our economy range, these 3 Series systems are still great value for money.

Even when the system has come to the end of its useful life, all components are designed to be easily recycled which contributed towards the 3 Series' very low overall carbon footprint.

Please be aware that the use of pre-filter systems is recommended when installing a UV system in order to reduce contaminants and make the water clearer for the UV rays to deactivate any bacteria.

Standard Features

  • This Product is WRAS Approved ensuring you of the high quality standard.
  • 55 Watt system that uses the ACUV55 lamp and this should be replaced every 9 months at a maximum.
  • 3/4" Male inlet and outlet.
  • Industrial Standard UV lamps.
  • Polished Chamber.
  • Low Running Cost.
  • Low Carbon Footprint.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 280mm x 120mm

Lamp Change: 9 monthly

Consumables / Spares Codes     

    UV Lamp - ACUV55
    Quartz Sleeve - ACUVQ30
    Quartz Seal/s - ACUVSK15/30/55/75
    Quartz Nut (Open) - ACUVQN
    Ballast / Choke - ACUVB55D
    Lamp Connector - ACUVLC
    Control Box - ACUV553DCB

There are more than half a million people in the UK whose only source of drinking water is from a private water supply. These sources fall into three main categories: wells, springs/streams and boreholes. Our U.V. sterilisers can help you obtain bacteria free drinking water from these types of supplies. These systems are commonly used on normal mains water supply for added protection against Bacteria.

Please note that U.V. sterilisers do not improve the taste of water they are simply killing bacteria in the water. They should be incorporated into a system comprising the appropriate water filters to remove particles and to treat the water to make it palatable. Our highly trained staff can advise on the appropriate system to meet any combination of feed water and quality.